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A modern website design for positive brand experience and lead cultivation is no longer a luxury for local businesses.  In 2018 your business not having a web site is equivalent to not having the address on your building. 90% of customers turn to the web when looking for a local business. Without a website, your company could lose credibility and ultimately lose sales.  In today’s age, making sure that people can find you 24/7 is imperative.

You may wonder why your small business needs a website, particularly if your business deals with only local customers. After all, it does cost money to build one, and you want to make sure you use your limited marketing dollars the best way possible.

There are more than two billion people around the world who use the internet and approximately 70% of them get on the web every single day. That number continues to grow. With that many people online, it only makes sense that having an online presence is an excellent way to reach out to some of those consumers. Often your website will be the first impression of your company that a person sees.  Making sure that the potential customer experiences a modern, mobile responsive, fast loading website can be the difference between them reaching out to you or not. 


Why Would My Business Need A Website?

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Your small business needs a website for a number of reasons.

1.  Visibility

Most customers start a business search online, so if you don’t have a website you may not seem as credible or you may miss out on people who no longer use the yellow pages to find a business. When you compare the cost of a basic website to the cost of advertising in phone books or on local media outlets, a website is a cost-effective form of advertising. But even more than being cost effective, you have the potential to reach new customers you may not have thought of advertising to.

2.  Gathering Analytics

The beauty of the internet is that you can gather a lot of info about the habits of your customers. By using Google Analytics, website owners can find out everything from the age range of a typical site visitor to where the person lives. This type of information is powerful and will allow you to refine your online presence so you reach out to your exact target audience. You will even tell what time of day people are visiting your site and target your marketing to that time frame.  

3.  Keeping Up with Competitors

Does your competitor have a website? They may seem more credible than you if they do. If they do not yet have a website, then get a leg up by being the first to put one in place. Remember that people use the internet to search for business information in the same way they used to use printed phone books. They will turn to the internet first the majority of the time, and you’ll be ready and open for business online.

4.  Data Collection & Lead Generation

The internet allows you to collect data from site visitors and generate leads. If you’ve ever had a presence at a local home show or similar trade show event, you know it can be both costly and not overly effective. However, you can have a presence online for a fraction of the cost, offer a free guide or download in exchange for adding prospects to a mailing list, and have an ongoing way to stay in touch with the consumer.  If you have a blog, you can tell which topics your site visitors are most interested in. This will allow you to write more content on that topic and draw in even more organic web traffic.

5.  Acquire Customers Cheaper

It is cheaper to acquire new customers online than by more traditional methods of advertising. The cost to gain a new customer online is about one-tenth the cost of marketing via other methods. As mentioned before, you can continue to refine your website and your marketing methods by tracking customer habits, which will make this form of marketing even more effective over time.

Ready To Have mph Build You A Website?

As you can see. There are many reasons to create a website for your business. Consumers expect businesses to have a website these days, so you’ll be meeting expectations. In the process, you will gather some analytical data that will help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

Rest assured that when you work with mph Marketing Solutions you are working with a company that will build you a modern, mobile ready website within your budget.  We also build e-commerce websites.  Contact us today to get started, we will provide you with a free quote within 24 hours.

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